Workout Plan

Weeks 1 - 3


  • Warm Up Time: Use the elliptical before the workout with your focus on the area that you will be working that day. If you are about to do a upper body workout use your arms more and  when doing lower body use legs more. 
  • Sets: Do each exercise in each set twice. Example: Set 1 in Lower Body - Do Bulgarian Split Squats, V-Sits with Russian Twists, then Single Leg Deadlifts. Then repeat all in order once more and then move to the next set. 
  • Reps: Do 12 reps per exercise. 
  • Take 30 - 60 second breaks between exercises as needed. 
  • Stay hydrated. 
  • Modify if needed. Use your body weight if you feel the need to in the beginning. Dumbbell weight amount use is at your discretion int he beginning. To progress your weight choice will need to increase and I am here to guide you.   
  • Each exercise has a link so click it to see a demo as needed. 
  • Any pain....STOP! Burn is good but pain is not. Let me know if any adjustments are needed. 
  • Cool Down Time: Stretch well after each workout. This will prevent injury. Yoga and massages are awesome preventers as well.

Before and During each exercise visualize the dream body you want. Imagine that you have obtained it and do each workout as if you have that body. Focus on the muscles being used in each exercise. 

Lower Body
Set 1: 
*Bulgarian Split Squats  
*V-Sits with Russian Twists
*Single Leg Deadlifts (10-20lbs)

Set 2:
*Good Mornings with Dumbbells (10-20lbs) 
*Hip Thrust (use just body weight)

Set 3:
*Pistol Squat using bench (body weight to start)
*Squats with dumbbells (10-20lbs)

Upper Body
Set 1:                                
*Shoulder Press (10-20lbs)
*Plank (45 - 60 seconds)
*Tricep Dips

Set 2:
*Pull Downs (Pick a weight that gets challenging by rep 10)
*Bicep curls (7.5-20lbs) 

Set 3:
*Chest press on bench (10lbs-20lbs)
*Leg raises (15 reps)

You are a Bad Ass!!! Never forget it!!