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“Dream it. Believe it. Trust it. Leap for it.”
— Kat

I coach women all over the world. My focus is to tap into YOUR dreams and visions for your life and then make them your reality. Let's be a dream crusher. Are you tired of thinking about taking a leap? Well I say it's time to take massive action in order to get the results you deserve! If what you are doing is not working then it may be time to try something totally different? 

Leadership Coaching: Are you a Successful woman that is ready to take her career and life to the next level? Do You seem to have it all on the outside, but anxiety and fear are holding you back?

Success Coaching: Are you ready to take a leap on a new career or Entrepreneural journey? Maybe you're Not sure of your next move? Are you Burnt out in your current job and ready for a change? 

Life Coaching: Is life throwing you some tough curve balls? Divorce, Breakups, Dating problems, Anxiety, Depression, or maybe you are just unsure of your direction, Legacy, and/or dreams?





Having Kat as my personal life coach has been a transformative experience. Over the past several months, she has introduced strategies that have benefitted me both personally and professionally. I struggled with confidence as I prepared to take the next step in my career and return to school for a medical degree. I also felt strain in my personal relationships out of the habit of spreading myself too thin. Kat taught me how to start making changes by first visualizing my goals and accomplishments, and plowing through the self-doubt that was holding me back. She also gave me the tools that enabled me to make my own happiness on my own terms, and to set boundaries that would enable me to drown out peripheral distractions and toxic people. One year later, I packed my bags and relocated to the beautiful mountain city I had always dreamed of living in; I was also accepted to my top choice school and have spent the past 6 months making meaningful connections with new friends in my city. My newfound energy, and my ability to set firmer boundaries and take control of my own story has also resulted in attracting higher quality relationship prospects. I am so very grateful to Kat for all of her guidance, and for pushing me past the "I can't" mentality!

Kathleen Mongero

Thanks to Kat's program, I now have the skills needed to assist me in achieving and accomplishing my life goals whether it be personal focused, relationships, and fitness! Not only did her program help restore my vision in these areas, but most importantly helped me regain my self worth and recognize myself for the person that I truly am. Her program has truly helped me in reestablishing a solid core foundation for building back confidence and battling identity issues within myself. By utilizing and applying successful application techniques that have been specifically tailored for you, Kat's program will be a game changer in your life!! Don't continue to be stuck in a unhappy, unfulfilling career, relationship or whatever it is that's bringing you down! If your seriously ready for gaining powerful skills to overcome obstacles, challenges and gaining a new perspective on life, then Kat's program is for you!!

Laura Maldonado

I just wanted to take a minute to thank Katherine Kirby from the bottom of my heart. Working with her has changed my life completely. With her help, I’ve been able to really look at who I am as a person. Really learn to check in to my inner warrior. This is the first step. Next we set goals. This isn’t easy. In fact it’s terrifying! Yet, once you can see it. It’s not so hard to imagine achievement. Or better put, getting there step by step. She is insightful and intuitive about what I needed to hear to develop my inner confidence to set my life on fire. Which I am! I have already started on my path. I started a YouTube channel. Something deep down I’ve always wanted to do. Yet held back.

Well I’m not holding back anymore! I wake up every day and think “how am I going to slay today!” It’s an awesome feeling of excitement and hope. I can’t thank Katherine enough for her integral part in my journey!!!

Shannon McClenny

Kat Kirby warriors changed my life! This woman ‘s techniques are a true inspiration and helped me change my perspective on life and love. Her program helped me let go of past demons and truly embrace my true self. Only then can you be truly happy. Love yourself and love better. Thanks so much Kat Kirby!


Genuinely could not be more proud of this beautiful human being. Katherine, you are constant inspiration to me. Thank you for being you, thank you for starting this forum, and thank you for sharing. It has been an absolute pleasure and honor watching you evolve. Ladies, please check out my girl’s blog. I don’t want to put anyone else down, I’m just saying Katherine is probably the best person I’ve ever met, not even exaggerating.


"She is one of the most inspiring women I know"


This lady right here is a inspiration and will light up a room when you see her and she has the biggest heart.


This woman is legit! I had the pleasure of meeting her in person, and she lights up the room! I've never met someone so inspiring and confident and genuine. I met her without knowing her back story, and I was shocked to learn that someone so well composed and present could have come from such a dark place. Seeing her and knowing her story restored my faith in humanity. If Katherine can rise from the ashes and own her life, there is no excuse for the rest of us who had a much better starting position. Experience Katherine if you can; you'll never be the same! Love you, girl!!