Many look at me today and see this strong and confident woman. What many don’t know is that I struggled to get to this point. I have been homeless and flat out broke. The struggle was real, but the struggle is what makes each of us who we are today. Would you agree? In those struggles we have decisions to make. Whether to fold up and give up? Or decide to conquer that struggle? I can teach you how to overcome struggles.

My motto is Dream it, Believe it, Trust it, Leap for it. My blog purpose is to help as many women as I can. To show the world that through the mind we can overcome and change any circumstance. Your past does not dictate your future! Do you believe that just because you made a mistake in your past that you don’t deserve happiness? Or do you believe that you aren’t worthy of someone loving you? My blogs are here to inspire and lift women up.

Daily women are attacking each other with mean looks, crude words, and gossip. This site is a place where you will feel loved and appreciated. This is about you and for you because I sincerely care. I will share my journey and what all I did to pull myself out of a dark past and become the woman I am today through the Dream it, Believe it, Trust it, Leap for it motto. 

I have been married, divorced, a single mom, and more. Are you or have you been a single mother? Did you have any struggles as a single mom? I can tell you I had so many struggles and tears shed. It was a whole new world for me and I felt so alone at times. Do you feel alone as a single mother? As a single mother I worked hard to care for my two boys Jonathan and Davíd. I was told no one would ever accept me as a single mother of two children.

There is a stigma concerning single mom hood. This is when I used the Dream it, Believe it, Trust it, Leap for it motto I created to the fullest extent ever used. Great things happened in my life once I fully understood and initiated this powerful mind shift. Would you like to know how I did this? Follow my blogs and ask as many questions as you want. I am completely open. Helping you is my purpose.  


Each and every one of you matter to me. I may not know you personally, but we all have one thing in common. We are women. Each with different backgrounds and different struggles. Let's team up together and make big changes in this world. I ask that you share your thoughts, share your experiences, and share your love through blog comments, Instagram comments, email me, and any way you wish to let me and others know your thoughts and or questions.

P.S. I am new at this so feel free to send me suggestions. I am so open and I want this to be the best for you. Any ideas?

Talk to you next time Warriors!


Dream it@Believe it@Trust it@Leap for it

Love Always,

Katherine A Kirby