Dream Big Exercise

It is very important to see your life in the way you have dreamed it before we get started. I believe that it is important to talk about the dreams and accomplishments you want to come true in the future. When we get in our car and we are going somewhere we have to put our destination in the GPS. The dream big exercise puts your destination in the universes GPS. Then the universe can get you there because it knows your end goal and vision.

What you need:

  • Pen

  • Paper

  • Camera(Cell phone camera is perfect)

  • Open mind and heart

Examples of things you can include in your dream big exercise:

  • How you want to feel every day (ex: Happy, Strong, Smart, Powerful)

  • How you want to wake up (Ex: Lit, Happy, Ready for my day, Grateful)

  • Career level you want to obtain (Ex: cEO, Nurse, MD, Start your own company)

  • Where you wish to live (Ex: Near water, Near Family, Mountains, Snow)

  • Home you desire (Ex: Type, Area,)

  • Type of friends you wish to have (Ex: Positive, Kind,)

  • Love life (Ex: Married, Relationship being Awesome)

  • Health and Fitness (Ex: Healthy, Fit, Running, Gym)

  • Financial Status (Ex: Secure, Constant streams of income, Financially Free) 

  • Family Life (Ex: Close to loved ones, Closer with parents)

  • Children and/or Pets 

**The More Details the better. Add anything you want to make this your own.**

How to do the exercise:

  • download and Complete the worksheet - link is below  

  • Record yourself Telling your dream big life using your cell phone  

  • record at home or outside in your favorite area.

  • Email the worksheet and video to me at katKirbyWarriors@gmail.com 

Feel the emotion you will feel when this dream life comes to reality. Talk as if you know these things are possible and will come true for you. If you can dream it then it can come true.