Dream it!

As a little girl I laid in my bed alone. My father had left when I was a baby and my mother could not be there for me. Curled up holding myself with tears streaming on my pillow I laid there night after night. These cries I will never forget, but I never allowed those cries to hold me down. I dreamed and they were big dreams. I dreamed of a place free of harm and full of safety. Where I was smart and intelligent and could create any life I wanted. I went on in life and things got even darker for me as a child. 

Have you ever had an experience in your life where you had to dig deep? Where maybe you felt alone? What did you do? I would love to hear your experience and the dreams you have set for yourself. 

Believe it!

I was surrounded by evil. I remember being afraid to be in the home I lived in. Fearing harm would come to me in the place I should feel the safest. Drugs and crime swirled around me. This couldn’t be what I was meant to become? Could it? Why was this happening to me? Why did I have to be born into this type of environment? I had all of these questions and more. I saw so much dark around me. Then, I made a choice to believe in my dream. Believe in the dreams I had as a little girl. Believe that I can become more then my past. My past does not dictate my future. I DO!!!!!!

Why???.....Have you ever asked this? Have you ever felt unsafe in a place that should bring security into your life? Do you believe that your past does not dictate your future?

Trust it!

I have overcome so much more then I can even tell you today. I have climbed and dug deep to get to this point. I have dreamed it and believed it, now it was time to trust. At this point I was divorced and a single mother. I left a marriage that I was not happy in. I decided to set us both free. As a single mom there were some struggles I never knew existed. I remember the moment a man told me, “no one will ever accept you with two kids!” This was crippling to me. I cried in the shower alone where no one could hear or see me. I believed him. Well, I believed him for a short time because I have been through way more then someone telling me a lie like that. I decided to trust. Trust that someone awesome would come into my life and love and accept me and my awesome children.

Have you ever had a struggle where you had to dig deep and find the courage to climb out of your situation? Maybe you are married or even divorced and struggling? Or maybe a single mom that feels she has no one? 

We've Got this!!.png

Leap for it!

Then I leaped with all my heart and soul. I knew I deserved happiness. I deserved to have someone that loves me and my children. So I ran with all my might and jumped off that cliff. I left all doubt and fear on that ledge. Two weeks later this amazing man came into my world. He not only loves me but he loves my children as well. I am no longer a single mother. I am now engaged. I am now a woman that is taking leaps every single day. can do this same thing. You may not have experienced these exact same situations.... but maybe you have had some moments that made you feel similar to how I have felt. Maybe you have been married, divorced, or even a single mom now or in the past. We are women and we all have our own journey. Each of you are beautiful and so unique. The mind is powerful! Your past is your past and you can become or be any person you decide you want to be. I say dream big, believe in your dream no matter what anyone says, trust it will come true with everything within you, and now take that leap! Now watch huge amazingly magnificent things come into your world. I guarantee it!!  I can teach you how to Dream it, Believe it, Trust it, Leap for it in your life every single day. I can teach you how to change any circumstance into your favor. Please reach out and comment on this blog, message me, email me, and let me know your thoughts, questions, etc... I am here. I get it. Big things are coming. Go get it!


Dream it@Believe it@Trust it@Leap for it

See you next time Warriors!! 


Love Always,

Katherine A Kirby

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