Fit is a Choice

Let’s talk fitness. How do I stay in shape? All while being a mom of two boys, working full time, rocking the entrepreneur life, and having a social life. I know so many of you are right here with me with busy schedules?

It is a fact that people make time for what is important to them. People will drive miles to go see their favorite football team play, move their entire life’s for a new job across the world, etc. Why? Because what a person has passion for is what they will make time for.


How many times have you gotten the….sorry I was so busy???? We all are busy. Especially as mothers. So my question to you is….Is health and fitness important to you? Do you feel that you should be there for your children, work, etc but when it comes to yourself you have to sacrifice your body and health? We do this without realizing this is what we are sacrificing when we care for everyone else but us. Let’s break the stigma that we have to lose us in the process of being a mother.

My secret is balance not perfection. If I don’t take care of me I can not help a single person, especially my children. I am a better mother because I take care of me and my fitness is a top priority right up there with breathing and existing. Don’t be hard on you, you don’t need to be perfect to be fit. Just keep trying and  do your best. 


Too busy is a choice many times. Sometimes it is our excuse…the excuse we tell ourselves to make it okay. Then we later regret not following through on our commitment? I have been here…have you?

A few ways I make it happen!

1.     Mind - I create an image in my mind of the body I want. If needed put the picture of the body you want somewhere you can see it daily…..reminders help.

2.     Focus –  this is your goal and don’t let anyone discourage you. Never lose sight of that finished result you will achieve.

3.     Toxins – eliminate toxic people from your life if possible. Also drink in moderation and eliminate anything from your life that is causing harm to you or messing up your balance…aka Zen.

4.     Stay inspired – Surround yourself with people that have similar fitness goals as you do. People that inspire you to be the best version on yourself.

5.     Curb workout boredom – IG stalk some fitness chicks that have it going on. Watch their videos and get pumped.  Trying new workouts and new workout plans keep me from getting bored.

6.     Rise and Shine – I workout early in the day – the later it gets the less likely you will make it happen. Knock it out and then you have the rest of your day.

7.     Meal Prep – this is key for me. Prep all your meals for the week out. Pick healthy meals that will fuel you.

8.     Be kind to you - don’t tell yourself mean things. Fuel your mind with positive thoughts about how beautiful you are. Enjoy it and make it fun. 

9.     No excuses - as much as possible try to stay on your plan. Shit happens sometimes and gets us off. If so you jump right back on the wagon ASAP babe. 

This is possible. Once you decide that this is just as important as caring for everyone else then it will all click. You will enter beast mode and you WILL get results. What is holding you back?

I started working out in my late 20’s. I am now 35. I had my second son and weighed more then I would like. I didn’t see the pre pregnant woman I knew so well. I cried and disliked my body. I then made a decision to grind and become fit. I started with P90X in my living room. Where do you want to start? I then began to runnnnnn…..this was liberating for me. I felt strong and empowered as a woman. I got stronger mentally and physically. Have you found working out to help with anxiety and stress? Girl….I wouldn’t be sane without exercise. Fitness is my therapy.


Find you again. Love you. You are important and deserve to be at your best potential. Remember Fit is a Choice. Choose fitness and health for you and your kiddos. Don’t be hard on you. This is a process and a beautiful journey. There are ups and downs, but you can do it. Let me know your thoughts warriors! #katkirbywarriors 




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