Have you ever fell in love? Where you were so in love that you couldn't imagine life without this person in it? You thought you couldn’t go on without them? Gurl…..we have allll been there.

I loved a man so much I thought I couldn’t breath with out him. Toni Braxton sings, “Please understand, if love ends then I promise you, I promise you that, that I shall never breathe again”….What do you think of these lyrics?

My thoughts…..Are you kidding me?? I have been here and it was so real. I was so low and thought he was the one. But…let me tell you there is no way I am giving any man this power over me ever again. I will breath with or without a man. Fear of losing him is not a reason to keep him. A bad guy is a bad guy and should not be kept in our lives.

I have had my share of bad relationships. Have you? That guy that just doesn’t respect you enough? The guy that takes you for granted? Maybe he yells at you? Girl he better not lay a finger on you!!! He doesn’t have to be horrible to leave. Sometimes he just doesn’t make the cut.


You can totally love someone and they just aren’t right for you. I left a boyfriend that I loved with all my soul. Why leave? When the highs are so high and the lows are just as intense. It is like a roller coaster ride. One day we were perfect and the next all hell broke loose. NO WAY!

I was BRAVE!!! Yes I had fear. Yes I wanted someone. BUT I wanted my own happiness more then anything. Tina Turner sings, “What’s Love got to do with it?” What a great concept.

The fantasy of love is captivating and magical, but when it is right let me tell you there isn’t that roller coaster ride. It is stable and nontoxic.

First you have to love you. You have to be complete. Stop looking for someone to fill the hole within you. If there is an empty place in your heart, then I say figure out how to fill it yourself. Do this by adoring the woman you are and falling in love with you. Do you feel complete chica?

Can someone love you if you don’t love you? Nope, you will attract what you put out. You will get someone that wont see your worth. Why? Because you can’t see your worth. Do you see your worth?

Let’s keep it real. We all have or had the girlfriend that keeps dating the bad guys? The thrill is fun, but shit gets real and ugly. Why? She doesn’t see her worth. Don’t look for love. You are love. It is right within you.

Love you!.png

When you love you, you attract a man that loves himself and can love you correctly. You don’t need his texts and calls to validate you. You aren’t worried if he will leave. You know why? Because you are comfortable without him. This is so sexy to men. They love a confident and secure woman.

Girl you have GREAT power within you. Have you heard the saying, both of us put in 50%? OMG…gosh no….I’m 100% and I want a mate that brings 100%. This isn’t saying he has to be perfect. Look I don’t want someone that is relying on me for their happiness. He needs to be 100 to add to your 100. What does that equal??…….Something freaking epic!!! It’s Lit!!!!

It's Lit!!!.png

That kind of love is world changing. Hey, this doesn’t mean it’s a flawless relationship. That’s unrealistic. Everyone has problems….but the problems are settled like mature adults.

Fall in love with YOU chica. Never be afraid to lose anyone.

We've Got this!!.png

WHAT!!! Girl you are the bomb!!! I am not saying to be unappreciative of the man in your life. NOOO…Love him up boo. What I am saying is don’t be in a relationship out of fear of losing them. Tim is the bomb, but I don’t have a relationship where I depend on him to complete me.

I go out with my girlfriend’s and I have the same social life I had before meeting Tim. Have you had that girlfriend that gets a man and then goes MIA? Yep. I am not losing Katherine for anyone. Be you and love you.

Sara Bareilles sings, “I just wanna see you…I wanna see you be brave!” Be brave and strong. Stand for you and never settle. Know your worth and be kind to you each and everday. You are worth it boo.

Much Luv Warriors,


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