Single Moms (Put a Ring on it)

Have you ever felt rejected as a single mother? That moment when you walk in a room of men and they are awe stricken with your presence……then your kiddo walks up and they turn the other way. Have you had this happen or anything similar?

There is this stigma with single mom hood that must stop. Are you with me? I am over men treating us like we have the plague because we are single moms. Just because we have kids does not mean we can’t find someone to love us and our children. Right?

I remember being out with my girlfriends and Beyonce "Single Ladies" came on....OMG!!! I felt on top of the world...all the "it's his loss and "loser" comments came roaring! Have you ever had this moment? You know that moment when you and your girlfriends bash him a little since he broke your heart? 


Dating was a lot of fun for me because I realized my worth and my kid’s worth. So I was not desperate to find someone. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely wanted someone….but most of all I wanted the right one.

Are you comfortable alone? It is good to be okay to be alone and get the opportunity to love you. When you are desperate you put off the energy that you can't live without a man. When you are busy loving you then you can attract someone that will love you as well. Have you heard the saying..."if you don't love you then how can someone else love you?"

How did I attract the right one to put a ring on it? I started putting out what I wanted. Have you ever done this? It is a beautiful thing to use in your favor. You have so much power. How did I put out what I wanted? I sat on my coach one evening and wrote down all the many attributes I wonted my dream man to have. For example, I wrote tall, handsome, kind, loves my kids, loves me, etc. Get as specific as you want because the next step is going to get you towards the goal of attracting him.

What's the next step? Next I literally imagined this magical man I wrote about coming into my life. I felt the overwhelming feeling of love in that moment as if he was right there. I then imagined him adoring and loving my kids, us getting married, and having this awesome life together. Are you interested in trying this?

Does this ring .JPG

Next is to believe he is coming. Girl…I got excited! I knew without a doubt he was coming. I told all my friends I knew he was coming. And Bam!! Weeks later he came...and girl....let me tell you he is the best thing since cheese bread…!! Now I have a ring on it and we will be getting married in January 2018. 

You deserve this same thing to happen in your life. Whether you are a single mom, single woman, divorced, etc. Do you deserve to have someone love you? Your kids are a precious gift and the right man will wrap you and your kids up.

Listen…you can have him come right to you. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. If you want more details on how to do this let me know. I am committed to helping in any way I can. You deserve the best life ever.

Talk to you next time Warriors