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 Kathleen's Comment: How to walk the line of professionalism without having to give up our femininity, and the things that make us strong females in order to fit into male-dominated fields?

This one’s for you Kathleen…I’ve got you boo!

Is this a man bashing blog? First off I want to thank all men that respect and see woman as equals. There are many men that love and boost us women up. This blog will focus on how we as women can be empowered to seek our full potential regardless of what society says our role should be. 

How long has this been an issue? Feminism has been an issue that has existed for ages, and was prominent for the first time in the late 18th century when women fought for their right to vote. Get it girls...so proud of those women that fought for this. We can vote because of this fight. 


"It's a Man's World" James Brown wrote a song in August 1966 "It's a Man's World"....but in his lyrics he sings "but it wouldn't be nothing without a woman or a girl...he's lost in the wilderness!" Gosh I love me some James Brown. Who's with me? See this was a man that knew the foundation was, "It's a Man's World"...but he recognized the importance of a woman. It was a man's world then, but is not any longer. It is OUR world. Both men and women together. 

Equality? Women have been fighting for respect and equality for many years and we have made some serious progress. So much that a woman was a candidate for presidency. Wow! Regardless of what we think of the candidate, this is a huge accomplishment for us as women. Right? 

How to make your stance as a strong woman? I say it starts with not feeling intimidated by men or anyone. Look yourself in the mirror and know the woman you are looking at is a bad ass that CAN do anything! Yes!! Girl you can do and be anything you want. Let that fire rise up from within you… “Girl On Fire” style. Alicia Keys sings "she's on top of the world hottest of the hottest girls, got our head in the clouds and we're not coming down" WE are on top of the world ladies!!! Nothing can stop us. Even if we have a president that doesn't support us. We will unit and change this world and the perception of women roles. We are strong and beautiful. Nothing can stop us but us ourselves. 

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How you walk? How you talk? Head up strong making your presence known. Speak with authority and convicton. If you believe you belong in the job you’re in your actions will show as such. You will walk with confidence and be so sure of you and your power within.

Who’s got the problem? Look this is his problem. When a man is stuck in the old times thinking he is more then a woman he has some serious issues. So why make it your problem? At the end of the day it does not matter what anyone thinks of you. What matters is what you think of you. What do you think of you? 

Have you ever had a situation where you felt a man was disrespectful because you are a woman? I am a Registered Nurse and I work with many male physician's. I had an incident where I was trying to talk to a physician about his patient and he cut me off mid sentence. Girl...No He Didn't?...lol! He talked to me in a manner as if I didn't understand simple orders, as if me being a woman meant I couldn't speak up and advocate for my patient. See I have been a nurse for almost 15 years so no physician scares me. I tactfully let him know that he interrupted me and I finished what I needed to ask him. I went on with my day and in no way allowed his actions to effect me or my day. It is his problem not mine. Have you ever had anything like this happen to you? What did you do?  

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What do you believe? If you believe it’s a mans world, then that will be your reality. Believe it is a woman’s world and be sure of it and it will be a woman’s world. It will be YOUR world. Let their problems stay theirs and let's be that “Girl On Fire”….You’ve got this. We got this. Alicia Keys sings, "feels the catastrophe, but she knows she can fly away"....Don’t be intimidated by a field that is dominated by men. Nooo….make your presence known with confidence. You have earned your place there. You have worked hard to be right where you are. Be on fire within knowing you are going to crush what ever role you are in. 

Have you ever thought about something so much that it came true? If all of us women, all over the world, bind together, and believe that this is our world just as much as it is a mans world...then it will be. Let’s train our kids the same way. Change begins with us. 

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Don’t worry about any man that tries to make you feel less then them. Be like..Haters gonna hate and shake it off. Girl rock you and live Alicia Keys style…Girl on fire and no body can degrade you because you know exactly who you are and you’re loving it.  

Always love you and be you. Till next time warriors! #katkirbywarriors

What's your thoughts on this topic? Comment below and let me know your thoughts and experiences with this topic. Can't wait to hear from you! Thank you so much Kathleen for this topic request!! You rock! Check out by previous blog "Survivor" as well. 



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